Casey Gardner is a star track athlete. She is the only Daughter of Doug and Elsa Gardner and the only Sister of Sam Gardner. She is portrayed by Brigette Lundy-Paine

Casey Gardner is the younger sister of Sam Gardner and the daughter of Elsa and Doug Gardner. Casey has been shown to be rather protective of her brother and others as well.

History Edit

Casey is the younger sister and only sibling of Sam Gardner. Being born 2 years after him, Casey did not have much attention despite being the younger child as Elsa & Doug were often attending to Sam's needs. Following his diagnosis, their father was distressed and believing he was not fit to care for a child with autism, left the family for several months. Casey was too young to remember and simply carried on with her mother and brother.

Trivia Edit

  • Casey is shown to be very athletic, having been on the track team at her old school and getting a scholarship to Clayton Preparatory after breaking a very prestigious record.
  • Casey is one of the first characters to be shown as possibly LGBTQ+, having nearly kissed Izzie and later holding her hand in her car.
  • Despite her father leaving at one point, her mother's affair seems to only strengthen her bond with him.
  • Casey is one of the few people to not smother Sam, though she remains extremely protective.

Behind the scenes Edit

In an interview with BUILD Series, Brigette shared her thoughts on her character [Casey] and here's what she told them:

"I just love Casey, she's just so cool. Casey just has like a carelessness about her but also just such an intense passion for everything she does that I really respect and I feel like I hadn't seen a part like that, that was a 16-year old girl that was that strong and knew who she was."

She also shared something she liked about having the role.

"I really always liked the opportunity to not have to put a bunch of makeup and stuff, and Casey just is herself so i jumped at the opportunity."


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Seasons Edit

Season 1 Edit

Casey es una estrella estrella y es muy protector con su hermano a pesar de sus peleas entre hermanos. Casey no solo se ejecuta como atleta sino también como una forma de tratar de escapar de sus problemas o, por el contrario, lidiar con ellos. Esto se ve por primera vez en "Antártida" después de que Elsa funda a Casey por golpear a una chica en la cara. En Newton High School, golpea a Bailey Bennet en la cara después de que anima a otros un burlarse de Beth Chapin. Que tiene las repercusiones indicadas. Casey es vista como muy angustiada con su madre, Elsa y más amable con su padre, Doug, Elsa y Doug son conscientes de que Doug es el padre más fácil para hablar y estar cerca.

Casey being protective of her brother is also something first seen in "Antarctica", while Casey is outside their house talking to Beth and Evan, Sam runs out of the house and screams "Twat!" (before he was using this word among others to calm himself down). A surprised and startled Evan sternly asks "What the hell is wrong with him?!", Casey steps between Evan and Sam and sternly tells him that nothing is wrong as a way of defending her brother and making Evan back off. In the same episode, Evan asks her out and although she rejects him, after a few episodes, they begin dating.

After Sam gets into an altercation with a girl before they try to have a sex, it leads to her lashing out at him. He came home extremely upset and Casey made him a hot beverage to drink, Evan and Casey sat with him on the porch and tried to make him feel better.

Season 2 Edit

Breakdown of Casey Gardner in Season 2.

Trivia Edit

  • Her time of birth is 3:15 am.