Elsa Gardner is Sam and Casey Gardner's Mother. She attends weekly support groups on Autism with other Mothers. She is Doug Gardners Wife.

Biography Edit

Elsa always had a closer bond with Sam than her husband did, and starts to feel like she's not needed anymore when Sam and Doug begin to get along. So she starts a sexual affair with the charming bartender, Nick.

  • In the last scene of the end of the first season, Doug finds out she cheated on him (Casey wrote on a whiteboard "Stop banging the bartender"). In the second season, Doug is gone leaving with his parents for a few days. When he comes back home, he is telling Elsa to leave so she goes to her friend's house for a while.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Family dinner atypical

Gardner's family having dinner together.

Doug and elsa

Elsa and husband Doug.

Nick and elsa

Elsa kissing Nick on his birthday